John H. Tibbetts

John H. Tibbetts

Writer and editor

A versatile writer about science, medicine, environment, cities, and coasts and oceans. 843-408-3737

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Img 0076 article
Planning Magazine

Density Island

March 2016

Notebook4 article
The Scientist

Vegan Gators

December 2015

Article seafood traceability main 760x378 article

How technology is making it easier to track fish from hook to fork

February 24, 2016, a reprint of Hakai Magazine article

Aahx header article

Surf and Turd

Hakai Magazine, May 17, 2016

Ch fall 13 thumb article

Red Lionfish: A "Super-Invader" for Supper?

Coastal Heritage, Fall 2013

Ehp.123 a90.g001 231x300 article

Managing Marine Plastic Pollution

Environmental Health Perspectives, April 2015

New treatments and early care benefit patients with cystic fibrosis

Pediatric Consult newsletter, August 2016
University of Minnesota Health

1243197 ehp air quality and climate change a delicate balance article

Air Quality and Climate Change: A Delicate Balance

Environmental Health Perspectives, June 2015

Aagq header 0 article

Free Willy

March 16, 2016

Advances in the Treatment of Pediatric Sarcoma

Pediatric Consult newsletter, October 2016, University of Minnesota Health

Finding effective treatment for debilitating facial pain

Consult newsletter, July 2016, University of Minnesota Health